In this module we’re going to look at some real-life situations.

Read them carefully and ask yourself how you would respond. You decide what to do. Then, explore some of the consequences — both positive and negative — of acting one way or another. For the last scenario, write in your own response. What would you do? What could happen as a result?

Dan is in Grade 9.

For the past two weeks, he’s checked Instagram when he got home from school. Every time, it’s been the same thing. Someone has been creating fake profiles, pretending to be him, and posting things to embarrass him — awful things. Disgusting things.

Worse still, these messages spread fast. It seems like everyone is re-tweeting them and adding more lies about him — making him a joke. Even people he knows are doing it without a second thought. Some of them are even supposed to be his friends.

He tries to ignore it but he keeps feeling their eyes burning into him. It makes him want to cry. He feels sick all the time.
Dan skipped school today. He told his mom he didn’t feel well. The sad thing is that it’s not an excuse. Just the thought of going back to school with those people makes his stomach hurt. He was up all night having awful nightmares about sitting in class and not being able to breathe!

What can Dan do?

Summer and Aisha are in grade 10.

They’ve been friends since kindergarten. Recently, Aisha has been getting teased on the bus. Her family lives in a trailer park and a several kids have started calling her “trailer trash,” making fun of her clothes and appearance. In the past week, it’s gotten even worse, with people throwing things at Aisha and chanting about her smell!

Summer feels awful. Aisha is her best friend. She feels like she should do something but she’s also scared. She doesn’t want to make herself a target. What if the people bullying Aisha choose her next? What if she just makes things worse? But she has to do something.

What can Summer do?

Simona is in Grade 11.

She loves sports and is a great athlete, a star on both the track and soccer teams. She has a very short haircut and dresses casually, usually in jeans and t-shirts. She never wears dresses or makeup.

Simona is pretty popular at school and has a lot of friends, both male and female. Nonetheless, while in the hallways at school, she sometimes overhears people referring to her as a “lesbo,” “dyke,” or “boy.” After all, she has a butch haircut and dresses “like a guy”.

These comments bother her but she pretty much ignores them until, one day, a boy makes a loud comment in the cafeteria, telling everyone in earshot that Simona is a boy disguised as a girl so “he” can play on the girls’ soccer team. Simona is furious! She’s had enough of being treated this way!

What can Simona do?

Write out the different choices Simona can make in this situation and try to predict the repercussions of those choices.