COW Cred was created and is managed by COPA and the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, and is part of our Safe@School initiative (See Safe@Schoos is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

COW Cred offers students in high school a structured opportunity for learning about positive change at school, while earning their community service hours needed to matriculate.

COPA will authorize up to 15 hours of hours of credit to students who participate. Students who present their final product to classmates will be awarded all credit hours.

Students can work individually, in groups and whole schools can ensure participation.

COW Cred consists of 7 interactive learning modules designed to stimulate a positive cycle of reflection, learning, growth and change. Students are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways while learning about bullying prevention and equity and inclusion.

NB: All public postings and creative expressions submitted are moderated and those deemed inappropriate will not be posted. For safety purposes, we clarify with students that only photographs and films that feature people with written permission may be submitted.

-COPA and Ontario Teachers’ Federation