Sarah DiNardo: Tape Artist

  • 'It's almost as if I'm not thinking about what I'm doing, my breathing changes, my mind just kind of clears and I go to a different place.'
    - Sarah DiNardo, Tape Artist
    Sarah DiNardo got into tape art at a very young age when she noticed a fascination with playing with Chiquita Banana stickers. She couldn't get enough of the simple act of picking, feeling and exploring what she was holding and was fascinated in playing with it until the sticker lost it's crispness, of course.
    To make her work Sarah hand rolls masking tape and makes beautifully intricate structures within found boxes. She says that making these creations is the most calming thing for her and no matter what happens in a day she can achieve relaxation and stillness through her art. 
    Sometimes when folks are need kick back and relax they grab a chocolate bar or a skateboard, play music, jump rope or make a smothie. Everyone has at least one 'thing' that they love to do and Sarah's just so happens to be rolling tape. She is so grateful that she discovered what makes her click. She is living proof that it's possible to create unique and original work from something that satisfies her so much.
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