STUDENT PROJECT: Heels on Wheels

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    Project leaders demonstrate how to make skateboards and talk about how they got started with Heels on Wheels. 
    "We applied for the grant for $1000 which we got to speak out about female empowerment through skateboarding.  Carly’s spontaneous rhyming schemes found us our name.  We wanted to prove the stereotype wrong, that skateboarding like most sports is considered a male activity.  We want to show that women are just as good, just as equal as men when it comes to skateboarding.
    The project was to take the grant to talk to younger girls about the issues and stereotypes they are experiencing at their age.  And how to keep a clear open mind, and think for themselves.  What we did was that we went to Cityview Alternative Public School to talk about these issues and work with grade seven and eight girls.  We put together a three hour workshop with a power point.  We looked at the media around gender and sports and broke down some of the discrimination.  Women are always portrayed as struggling and weak and they are always referred to by their first names, which points to them being weaker, whereas men are always talked about using their family names, showing their strength.  We also looked at skateboard ads which used naked women to sell the boards.  We asked the girls what they thought the ad was for and most had no idea.  We also made buttons and stickers with them to show them ways they could promote themselves outside of school.  The girls also had to put together a skateboard design proposal so we could choose the three girls who would get a chance to design a skateboard with us.
    The second half of our project is to design a longboard each.  The grant allowed us to get all the materials we needed for our project and to promote it.  We are doing a series of pin-ups with weird animal heads.  We are using strong powerful animals to show that women are more than just a pretty face.  The finished boards will be displayed in the Oasis Skateboard art show at Harbourfront on February 19th and 20th.
    We’d like to continue doing the workshops and seminars in the future.  We’ve already been asked to go to another school and do a workshop with them.  Another idea for the future might be taking girls skateboarding at some of the skateboard parks."
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    Hi, I’m Faline.  I came to this school hoping to graduate finally.  It wasn’t going so well at my old school.  I found this school through a friend and it wasn’t that I didn’t like school I just never found an interest in what they had to offer until I found the Skateboard Factory.  It sounded like a really cool school that I could be successful in….mwahaha! I couldn’t believe I actually found somewhere that excites me and I actually want to get out of bed. I am Faline, I like Tokyo, I like ice cream, I like eating ice cream in Tokyo and Oasis Skateboard Factory rocks my socks.
    Yo, I’m Naomi. I came to Oasis not knowing what I’d find. But I ended up finding more than I could possibly imagine. This school has opened up opportunities and got me back on track. I heard about the school from a friend who was a former student of the program and he said it would be a great fit for me because I used to skateboard. Skateboarding was a big part of my life when I was in grade seven and eight which was when I started to have troubles with school and the school system. So the fact that I get to study and work on something I have a connection with, and get credits and money all at the same time, is just pure perfection. It’s music to my ears.
    Hi, I’m Carly.  I like Oasis Skateboard Factory because it has made me realize what I want to do for the rest of my life.  Before I came to the Skateboard Factory I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I like skateboarding, but in the future I’d like to have my own screen printing business.  I also want to make my own comic and action figures and I’d really like to get into making my own movies.  I want to be able to send out subliminal messages in all my stuff, about how I feel about things. 
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